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MEDALLIST PROGRAM: Take your dance skills to the next level!

The Medallist Program is the core strength of Studio 116. The Medallist Program is designed to prepare potential Dance Sports competitors and train ballroom dance aficionados. Its main goal aim is to develop dance technique and bring dancing to a higher level. The program consists of learning the syllabus steps of International Modern Ballroom and Latin American Dance as prescribed by the Technique Books of the Imperial Society of Dance (ISTD) and the United Kingdom Alliance (UKA).

Syllabus steps are the foundation of all the dance steps. Studio 116 Dance School teaches syllabus to beginners and it is a pre-requisite program before the students are taught choreography or open routine for Dance Sports competition. The requirement for dance sports competition in the Juvenile level is to dance purely syllabus steps. Studio 116 Dance School has a very strong syllabus program using the ISTD and UKA syllabus steps.

The objectives of the Medallist Program are to:
• Develop the correct posture
• Develop technical and artistic skills in ballroom dance
• Understand and use dance terminology
• Achieve sense of line through body, arms and head
• Understand the music and rhythm of the ten dances
• Develop an awareness of the use of space
• Develop self-confidence in performance
• Self-expression
• Develop core strength, stamina, and balance

• Develop the discipline to progress to a higher level
• Develop partnering skills and social graces
• Prepare for dance sports competition

The Medals test is strongly recommended for each student, as it is a structured
approach to measure the progress of each student. It consists of six levels in each
discipline of Modern Ballroom and Latin American Dance namely: Bronze, Bronze
Bar, Silver, Silver Bar, Gold and Open Seal.

The Medals examination is a formal certification to determine the students’ mastery
of dance technique skills previously learned before going to the next level. Students
develop technical and artistic skills as they prepare for their examinations. Medals
examinations motivate candidates and build self-confidence by providing carefully
staged goals.

Medals Examinations are conducted by the United Kingdom Alliance once or twice a
year in the Philippines as organized by the Philippine Dance Teachers Association.
Representatives from the UKA travel to the Philippines to conduct Medals
Examinations in four or sometimes, five times a year.
Studio 116 is the only dance school conducting Medals Examinations for the past
seven years. The Medals Program of Studio 116 has been very successful and
students have consistently acquired the top three highest scores. Apart from
providing excellent dance training, the program also aims to promote Ballroom
dancing as an art, and as a way for each individual to develop his or her creative

The Medallist Program is not only intended for aspiring dance competitors, but also
for everyone who aspires to be a champion in his or her own right, regardless if he or
she has minimal to no dance background. Studio 116 dares you to take your skills to
the next level with the Medallist Program!