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Dance the most popular dances in the social circuit!

It is a great way to socialize and share your talent with new friends. Claim your elegance and grace as you learn to glide across the floor. If you wish to impress, learning this smooth, flowing dances, is the one for you. 

Social Dance Class is the best start up for the ballroom enthusiasts to know the basic principle ballroom dancing.


SWING is the most danced numbers in most parties and events.

SALSA is the hot hot hot Latin dance rooted in Cuban culture.

BOOGIE is a fun danced derived from the rock 'n roll dances.

REGGAE is a cool and groovy party dance, usually with music of a hip-hop beat.

SOCIAL TANGO is the sexy dance that originated in Argentina and has since been developed internationally.

CHA CHA - The cheeky cha cha is an upbeat Latin dance.